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Peking University


Attended Courses:

- Chinese for Beginners

- More Chinese for Beginners

- Chinese Characters for beginner (1) 汉字 (1)

- Chinese Characters for beginner (2) 汉字(2)


The Chinese University of Hong Kong 


Attended Courses:

- Classics of Chinese Humanities: Guided Readings

- Religion and Thought in Modern China: the Song, Jin, and Yuan

- Intellectual Change in Early China: Warring States and Han

- Religious Transformation in Early China: the Period of Division

- Structuring Values in Modern China


National Taiwan University


Attended Courses:

- Learning Chinese: Start From Scratch (零到一學中文)

- 是誰在說話 -- 可愛的臺灣。Intermediate Chinese


Shanghai Jiao Tong University


Attended Courses:

- The amazing world of the ethnic groups of Yunnan Province


Yonsei University


Attended Courses:

- First Step Korean

- Learn to Speak Korean 1

- Gender, Family, and Social Change in Contemporary South Korea

- Understanding Korean Politics

- The Korean Economic Development

- Re-imaging God in Korean Context

- Disaster Risk Management and Korean Policies


Sungkyunkwan University


Attended Courses:

- The Korean Alphabet: An Introduction to Hangeul

- A Bridge to the World: Korean Language for Beginners 1

- A Bridge to the World: Korean Language for Intermediate1

- A Bridge to the World: Korean Language for Advanced 1

- Introduction to Korean Philosophy and Culture 


The University of Tokyo


Attended Courses:

- Words Spun Out of Images: Visual and Literary Culture in Nineteenth Century Japan

- Studying at Japanese Universities

Санкт-Петербургский Государственный Университет

Saint Petersburg State University


Attended Courses:

- Japanese for beginners 1

- Japanese for beginners 2

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