After the initial high school academic studies characterized by a deep interest in philosophy, literature and art, and accompanied by the study of classical dance and piano, I undertook the university studies of Architecture at the IUAV University of Venice, thus having the opportunity to live in an island-museum. My long course of studies was always influenced by my vocations, always leading me to choose the courses most similar to me. With passion I participated in the VIII International Seminar of Museography of Villa Adriana, finally obtaining the title of winner of the Piranesi Prix de Rome organized by the Adrianean Academy of Architecture and Archeology. After obtaining the Bachelor's Degree in Architectural Sciences, I attended the Master's Degree Course in Architecture for Conservation. At the end of the two years of specialization I developed my Master's Degree Thesis in Architecture at the Laboratory of Analysis of Ancient Materials LAMA. I also participated in the Itinerant Master in Museography, Architecture and Archeology, and thus undertook many study trips to the most beautiful archaeological areas of all time. After obtaining the Certificate of Qualification to practice as an Architect, Australia was the destination of my next trip, becoming a test field to strengthen my linguistic and teaching skills since I covered the role of Assistant of Italian Language at Willetton Senior High School in Perth (Western Australia). As Italian Native Speaker I had the opportunity to help students in the study of pronunciation, grammar, and syntax of the Italian language. Returning from this wonderful experience I dedicated myself to the graphic coordination and design of the installations of the International Biennial of Antiques in Rome, and of Bucolica Country Living. I currently work in architecture, graphic design, and teaching. I also create accessories and handmade items by cultivating my creativity. Over the years, following the didactic experience acquired, I have developed the desire to share my knowledge in an increasingly effective, complete and updated way, thus finding myself immersed in the study of cultural anthropology, teaching methodologies and technologies, pedagogy general and social, and educational psychology, taking the related university exams.

Korea has always fascinated me and with great enthusiasm I am studying its language, history, and culture as a self-taught. I am also following the Korean Beginner Course (Level 1) of Hanyang University (한양 대학교). I hope that all the contents on my website can be useful to you and I take this opportunity to wish you a good study! 

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